What Do You Do With…Double Gauze?

Welcome back to our new series here on the Pink Castle Fabrics Blog, called “What Do You Do With..?” designed to answer the age old question– what does one do with different substrates, with common precuts, with different notions? Let’s dive in to one of the most common questions we hear in the shop– what do I do with double gauze?

Double gauze is a soft, lightweight fabric made from 100% cotton fiber. What makes double gauze special is how it’s made: two plys of thin cotton fabrics are woven individually as well as together at intervals to create one cohesive fabric. These tiny air pockets that form between the layers during the weaving process gives double gauze a pleasantly light and slightly lofty texture. Since it’s cotton, double gauze takes dye well and makes colors look lovely and vibrant, such as the pops of neon in Nani Iro double gauze prints.

Double gauze is a versatile substrate can be used for a variety of projects. In quilts, double gauze is soft and warm, and shows off quilting beautifully; in apparel, double gauze is cool and breezy, draping better than quilting cotton and making everything you wear feel like secret pajamas.

Ideas for what you can do with double gauze

-Quilts! Due to the slight loft and the looser weave of double gauze, look for simple patterns without too much detail (squares, half square triangles, pluses, etc.) Check out Jeni Baker’s double gauze quilt (it has such great texture!)

-Apparel: double gauze can be used for garment patterns designed for wovens such as chambray, lawn, linen, or voile. Look for garment patterns with relaxed shapes and not a lot of shaping, such as the Cleo Skirt, Ogden Cami, Farrow Dress, or Scout Tee. Double gauze feels so amazing and cool to wear in the summer, and can be warm and cozy layered with a sweater in the fall.

-Dining and home accessories: cloth napkins, table runners, and tea towels are super absorbent when made from double gauze. Double gauze could also replace the terry cloth in the removable makeup remover wipe tutorial!

-Baby wear: babies will love the soft fabric against their skin, and parents will love the machine washable clothes, bibs, and blankets you can make with double gauze.

Tips for sewing with double gauze

Pre-wash your double gauze before sewing; the 100% cotton fiber and looser weave can cause shrinkage.

Wonder clips work better than pins for holding double gauze seams in place before sewing.

Use a new needle in your sewing machine to ensure it’s sharp and pierces cleanly.

Try serging the edges of double gauze quilts before you bind them to reduce bulk and fraying.

Wool batting in double gauze quilts makes them extra cozy & warm.

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