We <3 Unicorn Fabric!

“Unicorns I love them, unicorns I love them.”

–Agnes, Despicable Me.

Scientific fact: it’s hard to be grouchy while sewing with unicorn fabric. If you’re looking to add some magic and fun to your stash, we have the perfect prints for you!

Mini Tossed Unicorns

Minis Tossed Unicorns in Pink” by Timeless Treasures checks all the boxes for unicorn fabric: rainbows, stars, and pink. The little unicorns are small and sweet and the rainbow-gradient stars seem to almost twinkle.


 ‘Daydream in Light Blue” by Cosmo Textiles has SO MUCH DETAIL! Not only are there sparkly glitter winged pegasus unicorns but glass slippers, ballet pointe shoes, perfume bottles, pearls, candy, swans, and more! photos really can’t do this fabric justice. Daydream in Light Blue


Sketched Unicorns

 If you’re in the market for some unicorns who are a tad more chill about their mythical status, “Sketched Unicorns in Pink” by TImeless Treasures might be just the thing. Realistically equine and sprinkled with just a few ferns, these unicorns would rather shyly lounge in a field than go flaunting their majesty.


This one is from the princess of unicorn prints herself, Lizzy House! “Whisper Palette Unicorn Dream in Cloud” has unicorns serving as noble steeds for these castle knights, all in the style of medieval illustrations. Wouldn’t this make an amazing quilt backing?! Lovely Hunt Whisper Palette Unicorns


Magical Unicorns in Teal  If a fairytale woods sounds like the perfect setting for a white and blue unicorn, you’ll love “Magical Unicorns in Teal” from Timeless Treasures! Sprinkled with hedgehogs, mushrooms, bunnies, and sly foxes, this unicorn is happy to be surrounded by friends and flowers.


Lastly, we have Sarah Watts’ “Magic Forest Unicorns in Yellow,” appearing at PCF this July! This print from Watts’ upcoming Cotton and Steel collection has medium sized unicorns in grown-up but whimsical shades of mustard and peach, and it also comes in a black/gray/hot pink colorway! To make sure you get some when it arrives, click “Email me when available” on the product page! 



Unicorns are Real pattern by Dear Stella


Dear Stella’s “Unicorns are Real” plush mount is a free pattern, available on their website! We happen to know firsthand that they can really brighten up a work cubicle 😉


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