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Stash Stack - June Grays

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Jun 17, 2014 3:01:00 PM
SSC Gray

Stash Stack Club


It's June!
As I look out my window, I see gray clouds overhead. I don't mind, I like the gray. I'm guessing others do too, given its popularity in fashion and fabric. That's why June is our month for all the lovely grays!
Here's what we've got for you this month:  

1. Ripples in Pond - Bari J
2. Stitch Square in Charcoal - Michael Miller Fabrics
3. Pointelle in Shade - Art Gallery

4. Stellar in Moonlight - Jeni Baker
5. Stitched Road in Granite - Bari J
6. Wild Hearts in Gray - Dear Stella
7. Squared Elements in Carbon - Art Gallery
8. Wood Grain in Gray - Joel Dewberry
9. Tile Pile in Gray - Michael Miller Fabrics
10. Ta Dot in Stone- Michael Miller Fabrics
11. Sketch in Mist - Timeless Treasures
12. Serpentine in Shade - Tula Pink


There is a tiny bit of bad news though: A delay in the distribution chain means we're going to be a couple days late shipping this month's stash. We're very sorry and do not expect this to be a long delay.

And, of course, if you're not a Stash Stack member but want to become one, click here and welcome to the club!

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Spring Fever: Win An April 2014 Stash Stack Club Bundle!

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Apr 21, 2014 11:39:00 AM

Every month we send out hundreds of bundles to people all across the world as part of our Monthly Clubs. Stash Stack Club is our most popular and it's easy to see why! Blenders are fundamental and each month Stash Stack members receive as many as a dozen new ones on their doorstep, always focused on one particular spoke of the color wheel. Of course, I think we're the lucky ones. After all, who wouldn't love getting to work with all that beautiful stash builder fabric? 

Stash Builder Fabric at Pink Castle Fabrics! April's color is yellow and it's one of our favorites! Bright and sunny, it's just perfect for early spring projects. This April we want to spread a little "spring fever", so we're giving away a full stack of April fat quarters to one of our lovely readers! All you have to do is leave a cheerful comment for us (maybe tell us all about the neat new projects you're working on) anytime between now and 11:59 pm Sunday, April 27th, and you'll be entered into the drawing. The winner will be announced Monday, April 28th, so keep an eye on this blog!

And don't forget to check out Stash Stack's a bundle of love every month!

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April Stash Stack - Cheerful Yellows

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Apr 10, 2014 11:33:00 AM
SSC Yellow


Stash Stack Club


April is here!

We endured the winter, made it through April Fool's Day, and the last couple days have been sunny and beautiful here in Michigan. I'm crossing my fingers, but I'm sure at some point those April showers will find us. I'm tired of gray skies!

Which is why April's Stash Stack color is yellow. Like a little bit of sunshine, or a nice glass of lemonade.

(by the way, I don't know about all of you, but I've started my lemonade indulgence early this year. I guess I just couldn't wait for the summer to get here and the grills to be fired up.)

Wishing you all a happy April and lots of sunshine in your lives!

You can still get this stack when you sign up on April 10th!  Sign up today and you will start with Yellow!
Here's what we've got for you this month:  

1. Squared Elements in Citrine - Art Gallery Fabrics
2. Script in Honeycomb - Art Gallery Fabrics
3. Sketch in Daffodil - Timeless Treasures Fabric
4. Wood Grain in Straw - True Colors by Joel Dewberry
5. Pointelle in Yellow- Art Gallery Fabrics
6. Doilies in Yellow - Melissa Ybarra
7. Stitch Square in Mustard - Michael Miller Fabrics
8. Trassel in Yellow - Lotta Jansdotter
9. Petit Point in Sunny - Michael Miller Fabrics
10. Tile Pile in Canary - Michael Miller Fabrics
11. Graph Check in Yellow - Another Point Of View
12. Sand Dunes in Golden - Leah Duncan


Until next month!

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Stash Stack Club Picks for March! Green!

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Mar 10, 2014 12:34:00 PM

Stash Stack Monthly Club at Pink Castle Fabrics!

Pink Castle Fabrics Stash Stack Club

Stash Stack Club


Hello, March!

Green is my favorite color!  I've been using up a lot of the olive-y greens in my stash lately so this month's bundle will help fill me back up!  I'm thinking of Spring and St. Patty's day this week and I am ready to shed my winter gear and finally warm up!

Happy almost Spring! 

You can still get this bundle if you sign up on March 10th!  Sign up today here!
Here's what we've got for you this month:  

1. Ta Dot in Moss - Michael Miller Fabrics
2. Sealing Wax in Peridot - True Colors by Anna Maria Horner
3. Ticking Stripe in Green - Savannah by Dear Stella Fabrics
4. Tile Pile in Green - Petal Pinwheels by Michael Miller Fabrics
5. Mini Confetti Dot in Emerald - Dear Stella Fabrics
6. Sketch in Grass - Timeless Treasures
7. Crazy for Dots and Stripes in Green - RJR Fabrics
8. Tiny Gingham in Kiwi - Michael Miller Fabrics
9. Cottage Path in Grass - Daydream by Swirly Girls Design
10. Woodgrain in Dill - Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry
11. Star Pods in Green - Les Amis by Patty Sloniger
12. Calico in Green - Spring Street by Dear Stella Fabrics

Until next month!

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Stash Stack Monthly Fabric Club - Blues for February 2014!

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Feb 26, 2014 11:42:00 AM
Pink Castle Fabrics has the best monthly fabric club!



Stash Stack Club


Hello, February!

This month's blues are sorely needed in my stash.  I have SO many aquas and teals but just not enough really good navy and blue fabrics!  I've used up a lot of what I had from last year's club too!  We love this fabric club.

Hope you are staying warm!  It seems like everyone is getting snow!

Here's what we've got for you this month:  
1. Stitch Square in Navy - Michael Miller Fabrics

2. Herringbone in Lake - Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry
3. Crystalline in Cobalt - Luxe in Bloom by Sarah Watson
4. Pointelle in Navy - Chromatics by Art Gallery Fabrics
5. Oval Elements in Mood Indigo - Art Gallery Fabrics
6. Jewel in Dark Blue - Catnap by Lizzy House
7. Moroccan Lattice in Cobalt - Michael Miller Fabrics
8. Squared Elements in Blueberry - Art Gallery Fabrics
9. Nook in Blue - In My Room by Jenean Morrison
10. Calico in Sky - Dear Stella
11. Pearl Bracelet in River Bend - by Lizzy House
12. Asterisk in Light Blue - Constellations by Lizzy House


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