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Introducing: the Ultimate Liberty Lawn Bundle

Posted by Katie Remski on Feb 6, 2018 12:45:42 PM


Liberty of London Tana Lawn has been in print since the 1800s, and for good reason-- the timeless prints with amazing detail, the soft cotton lawn fabric, and the gorgeous heirloom quality quilts Liberty makes. Since it can be hard to collect the hundreds of prints in the Liberty catalog, we devised a way to collect pieces of the best ones. 

The Ultimate Liberty Lawn Bundle contains 100 assorted prints in each bundle, which can include favorites such as Wiltshire, Edenham, Eloise, Betsy, Strawberry Thief, and more! The prints will be random, with no repeats, meaning each bundle will be a beautiful suprise and allows you to play around with a wide variety of colors and prints. 

Each piece is cut in a handy 6" by 13" size. This is perfect for charm square quilt patterns (each print can be cut into 2 charm squares!) or stashing if you don't have a project in mind just yet. All of the prints will be on the classic Tana Lawn substrate, which is a smooth, soft (almost silky to the touch) weave of high quality cotton printed in Italy or France. 


If you're just getting started with collecting Liberty, this bundle will jump start your stash, and if you've been collecting for a while this bundle will give your collection a boost of classic prints. Mixed with background fabric, you could make a whole quilt with this bundle! It can be hard to cut into a stash of fabric so precious, but the end results are too amazing to keep the fabric on a shelf. 


 The best part is, we're working with Liberty of London to make this bundle. That means you're getting a great deal-- it's a $150 value for the price of $85. Working with Liberty also means this bundle will take a little time to get to us, so right now it's available for pre-sale. With a limited supply, you'll want to pre-order to make sure you get one of these beauties. Click below to shop!

Buy the Ultimate Liberty Lawn Bundle!

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Summery Reds

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Jun 12, 2014 11:25:00 AM

I'm working on my scrappy trip along today, and my eye keeps wandering to the red strips.

I found a few new reds in the shop that are especially appealing to me...

House FabricRed Polka Dots

Understated, but summery Little Town from Emmy Grace and a lovely polka dotted wideback.
Lace Inspired PrintFloral Print

Banner Days from Pretty Potent and Sweet Meadow from Dreamin' Vintage
Yes, I think I need a new project with lots of red! How about you? What colors are you working with this summer? Cotton fabric is such a dream to work with in the summer heat! 

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Best Quilt Patterns for Scraps: Seeing Squares and Steam Punk Quilts

Posted by Amy Stevenson on Sep 27, 2013 9:13:00 AM

For Feature Friday this week, I'm trying something a little different. I have started with two quilt patterns, and went looking for quilts made from them.  These are both quilt patterns that are great for all your quilting fabric scraps. Grab some scraps and lets get started!

Fabric Scrap Packs

Seeing Squares by Empty Bobbin is such a fun design and one of the best quilt patterns for scraps!

Best quilt patterns for fabric scraps!

Let's see what you have done with it:

Lindsey made the king size! What a cheerful color scheme!

Best quilt patterns for fabric scraps!
Photo Courtesy of Happier Than a Bird Quilts

She wrote a 9 part series on her blog about her epic experiences!

Bink made a more *cough* reasonable size - the twin. I love the look of that in the ditch quilting! It really makes those blocks pop!

Best quilt patterns for fabric scraps!
Photo courtesy of Bink Makes

My second quilt to look for is Jen Kingwell's striking Steam Punk. There's been a lot of talk about this one!

Best quilt patterns for fabric scraps!
This is the picture that comes with the pattern.

Amazing, right? Let's see what we find:

Cindy Lammon made this bright and pretty version. You really must go and look at all the details and other photos on her blog.

Best quilt patterns for fabric scraps!
Photo courtesy of Cindy Lammon

Drury Girl  has one in progress using lots of low volume prints for the backgrounds, and these wonderful somewhat muted prints (do I spy some Chicopee in there?)

Best quilt patterns for fabric scraps!
Photo courtesy of Drury Girl

It's really interesting to me how the choices we make about fabric end up communicating a different feel to the project, whether those choices are fabrics, or colors, or prints verses solids, or choices made in quilting.  I think each of us could make a quilt using the same pattern, maybe even the same colors, and they would still look totally different, and that's what is amazing about quilts to me. They're so much about us, the makers, and so much about themselves, what we make them into, that they can't help but be unique!

Feature Friday will be taking a break next week, but we'll be back soon! With more quilts!

In the meantime, tell me what patterns you'd love to work on next! And don't forget to add your projects to the Made with Pink Castle Fabrics Flickr group.

Fabric Scrap Packs

Amy Stevenson!

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