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All of the Solid Fabrics: Pattern Suggestions

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on May 21, 2014 5:58:00 AM

In continuation of my post last week, I wanted to share a few pattern suggestions for using solid fabrics (lots of great colors found here!). Some of these are old favorites, and some are brand new to me.

Quilt Pattern Quilt Pattern

First up, there's Arithmetic by Jeni Baker and Bourbon Street by Sassafras Lane. These bold, graphic quilts work well in solids!

Quilt Pattern Quilt Pattern

There's also Chain Link by Esch House Quilts and Echo Star by Wise Craft. These designs offer more negative space (great for a blend of similar colors!), but equally bold statements.

Quilt Pattern Quilt Pattern

Last up, there's Orbits by Amy Stevenson and Crosshatch by Empty Bobbin. Solids add depth to designs like these.

In addition to these lovely designs, don't be afraid to try your favorite patchwork elements in solids. You might be surprised by the effect!

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Lizzy House Fabric: Catnap and More

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Nov 14, 2013 10:34:00 PM

As we await the imminent arrival of Catnap, we are taking a moment to feature items made with other lines of Lizzy House fabric! This post is going to highlight a few quilts, pillows, and other home goods. I am saving the apparel for a second post.

First, if you haven't taken a moment to look at Catnap, please do! (Although Catnap is not yet available, if you sign up for an email notification on the left side of the screen when viewing any print, you will be emailed the moment it is in stock at Pink Castle Fabrics.)

Lizzy House Catnap Fabric

Lizzy House is a fabric designer known for her whimsical drawings and her clever color stories. Catnap features mice and cats, yes, but there is also a re-imagining of her classic butterfly print from her Hello Pilgrim line, as well as coordinating stash builders like Pearl Bracelets and Jewels.

Now let's look at a few quilts and things:

Laurie of Dresden Lane made this spectacular rainbow quilt with prints from Lizzy House's Red Letter Day, Castle Peeps, 1001 Peeps, and Hello Pilgrim collections. There is also at least one print from Lizzy Dish and one from Outfoxed.

Lizzy House Catnap Fabric
photo courtesy of Laurie

Brooke of Pitter Putter Stitch used Freshly Pieced's Supernova pattern to make this 1001 Peeps top as a bee project. I love those towers as a border!

Lizzy House Catnap Fabric
photo courtesy of Brooke

And speaking of Freshly Pieced, Lee made her luscious Bloom Bloom Pow quilt with Pearl Bracelets. The construction of this quilt is as clever as the results are gorgeous.

Lizzy House Catnap Fabric
photo courtesy of Lee

Shelley of Elsie's Girl made these adorable placemats using a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman with my favorite Lizzy House line, Lizzy Dish.

Lizzy Dish Fabric
photo courtesy of Shelley

EliseH32 made this pillow using a pattern from the book Pillow Pop, featuring Castle Peeps. I think the clean design really shows off those adorable prints!

1001 Peeps Fabric by Lizzy House
photo courtesy of Elise

And Tina of BostonSewer made this amazing hexagon Pearl Bracelets quilt, using all the Pearl Bracelets ever made! (Although there are more coming!) I love how she organized the colors!

Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets
photo courtesy of Tina

And now, what shall we make with Catnap? I know I have some plans for it! Whatever you make, be sure to share it with us in our Made With Pink Castle Fabrics Flickr group!

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Focus Friday: Isosceles Triangle Quilts

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Oct 25, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Isosceles Triangles! They are so exciting, and yet simple.

Here are some excellent triangle quilts to marvel at. Please follow the links to the projects' blog posts for more pictures and details.

Gemma at Pretty Bobbins made this gorgeous quilt from a blogger bundle and some stashed fabrics.I just adore these sunny colors!

I love triangle quilts!  So awesome!
Photo courtesy of Gemma

Annabella of Life's Rich Pattern made this luscious quilt from Anna Maria Horner's Field Study line. I could just stare at this one all day!

I love triangle quilts!  So awesome!
Photo courtesy of Annabella

Lynn Harris of the Little Red Hen made her Swiss Chard Quilt with a different blogger bundle, and using Elizabeth Hartman's Honey quilt pattern from the book Modern Patchwork. I see a couple of Tula Pink prints in there, as well as one of my favorite all time blenders, Violet Craft's Haystack print.

I love triangle quilts!  So awesome!
Photo courtesy of Lynn

Jessica of Euphoria made this whimisical chopsticks quilt with quite a few Lizzy House prints, among other fantastic fabrics. The pattern is Chopsticks by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts.

I love triangle quilts!  So awesome!
Photo courtesy of Jessica

Speaking of Julie Herman, Emily of EmmmyLizzzy used her Hex N More ruler to make the imfamous Guady Kitty Quilt for her cat obsessed daughter. Instead of random triangle placement, she chose to put them in rows. It was then quilted by Pink Castle's own preferred longarm quilter, Kathy of Thread Bear Quilting with an all over cat motif.  I spy some Heather Ross fabrics in with all those cats!

I love triangle quilts!  So awesome!
Photo courtesy of Emily

Finally, Jen of Pinkbrain Quilts used prints from V and Co.'s Simply Color, Kate Spain's Good Fortune line, and a Kona solid to make this charming mini quilt:

I love triangle quilts!  So awesome!
Photo courtesy of Jen

It's funny how different the triangles look marching left to right rather than up and down, isn't it?

I hope these give you some inspiration about trying out triangles, or new color combinations. Whatever you make, whatever shapes you use, we'd love to see your finishes in the Made with Pink Castle Fabrics Flickr group.  You can even find my triangle quilt there!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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