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Free Pattern: 1 Yard Liberty Lawn Easy Kimono Top

Posted by Katie Remski on May 23, 2017 9:24:50 AM


"I have nothing to wear!"

Have you ever wished there was a garment you could make that would be fast, simple, and actually wearable in everyday life? Open-front kimono tops are definitely having a moment, with stores and designers at every price point jumping on the trend. This light throw-on layering piece couldn't be more simple to make, and will look just perfect over anything, from a sophisticated sheath dress to your favorite concert tee. With just 1 yard (36" by 54")  2 seams, and a little hemming, you can make this simple kimono-style top with our free apparel pattern! 

What is Tana Lawn fabric? 

I chose Liberty Tana Lawn for our free pattern because it has all the features of good cotton fabric: light and airy to catch those gentle summer breezes, and always cool against your skin. You can machine wash it with a cool, gentle cycle and a little detergent, and the crisp weave will keep looking fresh for years. Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabrics are perfect for apparel-- a 54" width makes for easy pattern placement and means you get a pretty decent amount of fabric for your money. 


With the body and sleeves cut as a single piece, the kimono has a gently angled front and flattering drape. One yard works perfectly with the PDF cutting diagram and will fit ladies' sizes small-XL as is (you'll just have more or less ease depending on body type.) If a longer length or larger size is desired, more than one yard can be used-- simply fold the fabric lengthwise instead of widthwise to accomodate cutting proportions.   We are so excited to see the tops you make with our free kimono pattern!

Free Easy Kimono Top Pattern



  • This pattern works best on non-directional prints (a print like the one featured that looks the same up, down, and across.) If your Liberty lawn is a directional print (such as brids or animals that you don't want to be upside down,) use 1.5 yards to get the 54" needed length. 
  • 5/8" seam allowances are used for side/underarm seams. 
  • Use a zizag stitch or overlocking stitch on a regular sewing machine to finish seams. A serger's blade may cut underarm corners too deeply as you pivot. If you would like to use a serger to finish seams, practice turning corners on a piece of scrap fabric first. 
  • A narrow rolled hem works best on the neck/front opening. Clip the 2 neckline corners as needed for ease. Alternatively, you can also bind the opening with premade or homemade bias tape.
  • For the sleeves and bottom of kimono top, I used a 1" hem. If you have a coverstitch machine, that would also make very nicely finished hems. 


Step 1: Fabric layout 


The folded edge is at the top, furthest away from you. The selvedge is at the bottom, closest to you. 


Step 2: Mark lines and cut fabric 


Using a fabric marking tool and ruler, mark all lines from diagram onto fabric exactly as shown. 



For cutting the front "V" shape, remember to cut ONLY the top layer! cut off top of "V" at the folded edge. 



Step 3: Sew!


Sewing diagram 

Flip your piece over so right sides are together. Pin in place, then use a 5/8" seam allowance to stitch up the side seam, pivot, then sew down the sleeve. Repeat on other side. 

Hint: now is a good time to try your kimono top on and see how deep you want your sleeve and bottom hem to be-- I choose a 1" hem, with a 1/4" edge turned under first so there would be no raw edges. 

Hem front opening/neckline using a narrow rolled hem, clipping back neckline as needed for easing in seam. Don't worry if you have to clip corners in order to turn hem-- just backstitch over the a few times to prevent fraying. 

Turn sleeve hems under 1/4"  and press, then turn them under 1" and press. Pin in place, then stitch around. Repeat for second sleeve. 

Turn bottom hem up 1/4" and press, then turn hem up 1" and press. Pin in place, then stitch. 

Give your kimono top a final press, and you're all done!

Make sure to take a photo and tag us on Instagram!



Want to see all the Liberty of London fabric we have in store for you? Check out this post to get some great quilt pattern ideas with Liberty!

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Quilt Patterns for Liberty of London Tana Lawn

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Apr 13, 2017 10:19:21 AM
Liberty of London fabric bundles
Liberty of London tana lawn fabrics are some of the most lovely fabrics you can purchase.  We are proud to carry this lovely fabrics at Pink Castle Fabrics!  We love them so much we have a Liberty of London Fabric Club that is perfect for Liberty Lovers who make quilts! Many of you may already be in our Liberty of the month club and have collected a nice stash and are looking for projects to create!  I have put together a list of a few of my favorite quilt patterns and small projects made with Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabrics!
Buy Yourself Some Liberty Here!

 Aerial Grove Quilt by Carolyn Friedlander


WOW!  Talk about beautiful!  This lovely quilt is a pattern called Aerial Grove from Carolyn Friedlander's book Savor Each Stitch.  This is perfect for Liberty of London fabric bundles or Liberty scrap packs! 

The chambray fabrics that Carolyn uses in this quilt work perfectly with the bright floral Liberty prints.  And you really need to check out the hand quilting!  So lovely!

Members of our Liberty London Club can start making this project right away!  Each month you can hand stitch a row or squircles!







 Liberty Lawn Fancy Fox Quit by Elizabeth Hartman

Liberty of London Fancy Fox Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman

I love the Fancy Fox pattern by Elizabeth Hartman!  I think it's ultra cute.  AND the blocks are flexible, you can make just a few blocks for a sweet baby quilt or a small pillow or you can create a lovely bed quilt in any size!

In the quilt shown Elizabeth uses an Essex Linen fabric for the background by Robert Kaufman.  I love the way this looks with the bright floral liberty tana lawn!

This is another great pattern to make with a Liberty scrap pack!  If you have the Liberty Club you can get 3 foxes from one fat eighth of Liberty fabrics!



Liberty Lawn Chevron Quilt by Made Peachy

Liberty Chevron Quilt.jpg


I love Liberty of London blues! Every season they come out with a great selection of lovely true blue fabrics.  Of couse right now these denim shades are particularly popular!  Paired with a bright white solid fabric (like Cotton Supreme Solid in Optical White) and you get a really nice pop on the zig zags!

A great plus to this pattern is that it is FREE!  That's right!  Made Peachy has step by step instructions on how to create this lovely bed quilt (it can easily be downsized too).  It might be a little confusing for those of you not used to metric measurements.  BUT it's the same method as this also FREE Zig Zag quilt pattern by Moda.









Liberty Quilt by She Quilts a Lot


This is a simple and beautiful quilt pattern using Liberty fabrics!  AND it's another FREE pattern!  Adding some coordinating solids to the mix makes this simple design really work.  I love that the fabrics she chose are monochomatic as well!  These would make the sweetest baby quilts.






Liberty and Crochet Quilt by Tied With a Ribbon

Tied With a Ribbon.jpg


It's amazing how a detail like the crochet border on this simple baby quilt really takes it up a notch!  Simple sqaures of pink florals and a feminine border!

Even without the edging (you can find some patterns here) this simple and quick baby quilt made from the super soft and silky Liberty Lawns will make a great gift.

This is another pattern that is perfect for a Liberty of London fabric bundle!










There are so many great quilt patterns out there that would look amazing with Liberty of London tana lawns!  Be sure to tag us on Instagram or link a blog post in the comments if you have used Liberty fabrics from our shop in a quilt or other small project!  

Buy Yourself Some Liberty Here!

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Liberty of London Fabric! All new in stock!

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Jan 25, 2017 11:30:00 AM
All New Liberty of London Fabric!
LIberty of London Tana Lawn
Thanks to our last shipment, we now have over 100 Liberty of London tana lawns in stock!  If you have never used Liberty lawns before you are missing out!  These fabrics are GORGEOUS!  Lawns are 100% cotton fabrics with a high thread count.  They feel and drape almost like silk.  These lawns were named after Lake Tana in Ethiopia where the cotton originated to create these lovely fabrics.  Liberty has been considered one of the Leaders in the fabric industry for over 100 years because of their  quality and style.

We have some bundles in stock too!   These stash boxes and extra bundles from our Liberty of London club are great to grab for patchwork!

LIberty of London Tana Lawn
LIberty of London Tana Lawn
These fabrics are wonderful for clothing AND amazing quilts and other sewing projects!  One of our favorite designers,  Alexia Abegg created  Liberty Love , a collection of patchwork projects featuring Liberty lawns.  This book is out of print but you can still get the Kindle edition!

Check out our Liberty of London Pinterest board for some inspiration!

See all Liberty in stock here!

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Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Loveliness: Liberty of London Fabric

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Aug 7, 2014 12:12:00 PM
We've started buzzing about something new we're offering and hopefully you've heard a bit about it already! But I want to take a minute to look at this a little more closely: our Liberty of London stash boxes.

Here's the deal: right now, you can reserve a stash box of 45 Liberty of London Tana lawn fat sixteenths for $100. But, if 120 stash boxes are ordered, everybody gets an additional five fat sixteenths for free! That makes over three yards of fabric to use in super luxurious projects or just to beef up your stash. So when you buy your box, tell all of your friends so that everybody can get more of that Tana lawn goodness without any extra cost.


I know a lot of people see that price tag and have a bit of sticker shock. But Liberty Tana lawn is unlike any other fabric in production. The hand is so light and soft you would swear it was a cotton/silk blend. But no, Tana lawn is just made from incredibly high quality, long staple cotton that's spun extremely thin and tightly woven.

Even compared to other lawns, Liberty Tana lawn is a completely different animal. The cotton harvested for this fabric came from the shores of Lake Tana in Ethiopia. This area of sub-Saharan Africa is known for growing a unique strain of cotton plants that make up less than 2% of all cotton production in the world.

LIberty Tana Lawn

Liberty of London Tana lawn first became popular in the 1920's with the emergence of the company's tiny, ditsy florals-- what we now think of as iconic Liberty prints. Now, almost 140 years after Arthur Liberty opened his first shop, Liberty of London is staying true to their original idea of making modern interpretations of classic, historical costuming of the 1800's rather than following the trends of fashion.

LIberty Tana Lawn
I love that each of the accessories in this print features a different classic Liberty print!

It's nearly impossible to do justice to the quality and history of Liberty of London fabrics, Tana lawn in particular. The drape, durability, and easy care of Tana lawn makes it great for garment sewing, whether it's lightweight summer wear or layered under warm winter woolies. A quilt made entirely of tana lawn is completely indulgent, but the kind of indulgent that everyone should treat themselves to.

LIberty Tana Lawn

It's tough to pass up this stash box offer after knowing all that now, isn't it? About 45 people have already reserved theirs! Now feels like a good time to reserve a few for you and all your Liberty loving friends too. And don't forget-- we still have yardage of eleven prints and bundles listed in the shop now!

LIberty Tana Lawn


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