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Through Sunday, All Japanese Fabric 30% Off!

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on May 31, 2014 4:50:00 AM

At Pink Castle, we love our Japanese fabrics and we love sharing them with others! From now through Sunday, June 1st, use the code JAPAN30 while checking out and save 30% on all Japanese fabrics! Grab yourself some delightful double gauze, beautiful echino, a fabulous bundle, or any of our many, many Japanese prints.

Pink Castle Fabrics has a LOT of Japanese fabric!
Pink Castle Fabrics has a LOT of Japanese fabric!

New Japanese Fabrics!

The perfect accompaniment to our JAPAN30 sale, we have brand new Japanese fabrics in stock this week!

Check out the Old New 30s collection for a variety of colorful florals!

Also new entries in our Nico Nico Land collection. Plus, re-stocks of Flower Sugar and so much more!

All in Stock Japanese Fabrics

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Japanese Fabrics 30% Off, Win A Fat Quarter Bundle, And More!

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Apr 27, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Our schedules are busy and it's easy to miss an interesting bit of news. To help you catch-up, I've rounded up all the best for you right here.


Pink Castle Fabrics has a LOT of Japanese fabric!30% Off Japanese Fabrics

Time is running out, but until 11:59 pm tonight you can still get 30% off all your Japanese fabrics. Just use the JAPAN30 promotional code when you checkout and save. 
All in Stock Japanese Fabrics

Secret Stash Boxes!

We still have a few of our Secret Stash Boxes. Twenty random half yards for $60 means you get quality fabric for $6 a yard. This is one of our most requested items but quantities are limited! Click here to get yours now

Win An April Stash Stack Bundle!

Stash Stack Club from Pink Castle Fabrics!
We're giving away one of our April Stash Stack bundles, a full stack of fat quarters celebrating the color yellow. Just leave a comment over at at the original blog post and you'll be entered in the drawing! You only have until 11:59 pm tonight though, so don't delay!

Dreamin' Vintage And Other New Fabrics!

New this week is Jeni Baker's Dreamin' Vintage. Read all about on our blog, or click here to see the whole collection
Also new this week is Lori Holt's Vintage Happy! Between she and Jeni, it's been a good week for vintage. Check it out, we think you'll love it
And if you're looking for something a little different, Zombie Apocalypse is new to Pink Castle. Ghouls never looked so adorable. 

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30% Off All Japanese Fabric, All Weekend Long!

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Apr 24, 2014 12:12:00 PM

Do you dig Japanese fabrics? Have you wanted to grab something from the Minny Muu collection before it's all gone? Perhaps the project you're working on just cries out for some dots?  Or, if you're like me, you just can't resist the outrageous cuteness on display in so many of the Japense fabrics.

Pink Castle Fabrics has a LOT of Japanese fabric!
All in Stock Japanese Fabrics

From handbags to florals to adorable woodland creatures, I could spend hours just imagining the best ways to put all these fabrics to use. From now through Sunday night, you can get 30% of all Japanese fabrics at Pink Castle! Just use our JAPAN30 coupon at checkout and save on all these wonderful prints!

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Zakka Workshop Giveaway!

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Apr 15, 2014 11:43:00 AM
Zakka pattern at Pink Castle Fabrics Zakka pattern at Pink Castle Fabrics It’s no secret, we here at Pink Castle love Japanese style. One of our founding principles is a commitment to awesome Japanese fabrics, and to our customers who adore them. We carry a wide range of Japanese prints and our collection grows every day! We even created the Kawaii club to make getting them easier (though not every Japanese fabric is all about it here).  

Zakka pattern at Pink Castle Fabrics Zakka pattern at Pink Castle Fabrics While “kawaii” refers to a particular look and style, there is another Japanese word that describes an even broader aesthetic philosophy: “zakka”, or “that which improves your life.” If it makes your life better or makes you feel good, it’s probably zakka. And not surprisingly, zakka is a tremendous influence upon Japanese crafts.
Zakka pattern at Pink Castle Fabrics
Zakka pattern at Pink Castle FabricsPink Castle is proud to announce the addition Zakka Workshop to our already expansive collection of patterns. Zakka Workshop is an authentic series of Japanese patterns brought to us by World Book Media, who (as some of you may already know) specializes in translating and reproducing Japanese craft books for the US market.

Suitable for beginners and veterans alike, able to be completed in just a few hours with scraps or stash fabric, these Zakka Workshop projects will certainly bring betterment to your life! They're ideal for yourself, or as hand-crafted gifts for the people you love.

We love these patterns so much we're even giving away a set of them (along with a bonus pattern, Yoko Saito's Bon Apetit Tote)! All you have to do to to win is leave a comment here telling us how any of these items would bring betterment to your life. Everyone who comments before 11:59 pm Friday, April 18th , Sunday, April 20th,  will be entered into the drawing and winners will be announced on Monday, April 21rst! If you ever find yourself between projects wanting to do something small and cute, this giveaway is for you!

Be sure to check back here on Monday to see if you won!



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Have A Kawaii Day! What is Kawaii Fabric?

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Mar 31, 2014 12:33:00 PM
Kawaii Fabric Club at Pink Castle Fabrics.

The quilting world has long referred to Japanese fabrics, particularly super adorable Japanese fabrics, as "kawaii". We even named one of our monthly clubs the Kawaii Club. For those in the know, "kawaii" simply is "kawaii"; it perfectly describes what it is and it's impossible to mistake for anything else. But where does the word come from and what does it really mean?

Kawaii is a word with a rich and still emerging history. It literally means “cuteness" within Japanese culture, being derived from the kanji characters “ka” (“acceptable”) and “ai” (“lovable”). It’s sometimes used as a noun (even the online Oxford dictionary classifies it as one), but its proper use is as an adjective, as in “that print is so kawaii!”. In fact, “kawaii” is often used as an exclamation in the way that we might say “awesome! or “neat!” I may even try working it into my own vocabulary! I’m sure I’ll draw a bunch of confused stares the next time my cat does something adorable.  We love kawaii fabric!

Kawaii is huge, permeating Japanese media, fashion, architecture, toys, and, well, lots of other things. If you can “cute-ify” it, it can be kawaii. And it’s by no means limited to just Japan! It is, in some ways, one of Japan’s greatest exports; if you have children, you may very well have seen it in your own life, by way of Pokemon and Hello Kitty, or perhaps Sailor Moon. Both my niece and nephew went through Pokemon phases, and Pikachu’s smiling yellow face is still a fixture in my sister’s household. And as the kawaii influence grows, the phenomenon becomes increasingly global; lots of manufacturers are now attempting to reproduce the kawaii feel in clothes, games and toys and, yes, even fabric. 

Kawaii Fabric Club at Pink Castle Fabrics. But its impact goes well beyond simple merchandising. To some, kawaii is a kind of philosophy, an attitude, and even a lifestyle. It's easy to see the appeal; bright colors, fanciful designs, and limitless opportunities for has a lot in common with modern quilting! The heart of kawaii is sweetness, harmony, and innocence. Personally, I’m in favor of more niceness in the world, and if it’s one thing you can say about kawaii, it’s that it’s nice. 
Pink Castle makes it easy to make your life more kawaii! Our Kawaii Club allows you to have wonderful Japanese fabrics shipped to your own doorstep every month. 

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