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Should I Join a Fabric Club?

Posted by Katie Remski on Jan 16, 2018 11:36:08 AM

Maybe you've always wanted to join a fabric club but wasn't sure how it works. Or maybe you've never heard of a fabric club and want to check it out. Here's a handy guide to help you decide if joining a club is right for you, and if it is--which one!

What is a fabric club?

A fabric club is just like a magazine subscription-- you sign up, pay money, and recieve fabric regularly. For us, that means once a month you'll get a bundle in the mail, along with an email (new for 2018!) with details about your fabric and project ideas. 

"My stash is too big already-- the last thing I need is fabric delivered to my door every month!"

Believe us-- we know how a big stash can be stressful! The great part of a fabric club is having a predictable amount of fabric coming in each month. Most of our club bundles have enough coordinating fabric to make a quilt top, meaning you're going to be making and finishing projects. Some clubs are solids, such as Kona Complete and Color Inspirations, which are always needed! Others, such as Liberty Lawn, are heirloom quality and highly collectible (and I promise, you won't mind giving up a little shelf real estate for Liberty!) 

How much does it cost?

Because everyone has a different budget and fabric needs, most clubs come in different size options, such as fat eighths, fat quarters, half yards, and even full yards. Clubs are typically billed monthly, though you can also pay all upfront if it better suits your needs. 

Which club is best for me?

If you want to join a monthly fabric club but aren't sure which one is best for you, think about what kind of projects you want to make and which brands/styles of fabric you stash the most. Here's a handy guide to the fabric clubs we have!

Liberty Lawn Club at Pink Castle Fabrics

Liberty Lawn Club

Starting or growing a stash of Liberty Tana Lawn can be a little overwhelming due to the large amount of gorgeous prints the company has, and getting just a small piece of it can be frustrating. Liberty Lawn Club is great for growing a collection of Liberty prints in a size you can use, such as fat quarter, fat eighth or fat sixteenth, while giving you a variety of 10 prints each month. 

Cotton+Steel Club

If you love Cotton+Steel prints, Cotton+Steel Club gives you 12 prints each month in the size of your choice, in a coordinated color palette. The club can contain prints from all 5 designers, plus Rifle Paper Co., basics, and Cotton+Steel Friends. This club is excellent for giving you a bundle you can make a quilt top or other projects from, as it contains a few different colors in blenders and feature prints. 

Cotton+Steel Club at Pink Castle Fabrics
Kona Complete Club at Pink Castle Fabrics

Kona Complete Club

If you dream of owning every single Kona color (unlimited solid fabric power!) Kona Complete Club is for you. You'll get 340 colors in the size of your choice, bundled and divided over 12 months. Kona solids are smooth, soft and Oeko-Tex certified, meaning it's processed with no harmful chemicals. Each month, you'll also get an email with a free pattern using solids and a list of all the colors you've recieved so far. 

Art Gallery Club

If you want to recieve a complete collection of new fabric (including a few coordinating blenders) check out Art Gallery Club! Each month you'll get a new collection of Art Gallery fabric, occassionally two if they're small Fusion or Capsules lines. This club is perfect for making complete projects each months! 

Art Gallery Fabrics Club at Pink Castle Fabrics
Stash Stack Club at Pink Castle Fabrics

Stash Stack Club

Do you never have the right color blender print for your project? Do you want a more well-rounded stash of different colors? Stash Stack Club can help! Each month you'll get 12 blender prints in a single color, so by the end of 12 months you'll have a color wheel's worth of shades.


Color Inspirations Club

If you're looking for a solids club that's a little smaller than Kona Complete, you may be interested in Color Inspirations Club. You'll get 10 fat quarters or half yards (your choice) of coordinated Cotton Supreme Solids, perfect for using together or mixing with other projects. 

Color Inspirations Club at Pink Castle Fabrics


Quilt Now Magazine at Pink Castle Fabrics

Quilt Now Magazine

Quilt Now is a magazine for the modern quilter, written by modern quilters. This magazine comes to us from the UK, with projects from both US and British designers using the same fresh modern fabrics you can find in our store. 

Monthly Club Box

If you join more than one club, you can combine them into one monhly club box and save money on shipping. On the 30th of each month, your box of all your subscriptions will be shipped and ready to be opened and used by you in just a few days. 

Do you have any questions about fabric clubs? Let us know in the comments below! 

See all Pink Castle Fabrics Clubs!

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Art Gallery Fabrics Bundle Club - 2017 lineup!

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Jul 12, 2017 8:03:00 AM

Hello Art Gallery Fabrics lovers! It's time again to look at the lineup for our Art Gallery Fabrics Bundle Club. There are some lovely fabric collections coming in the second half of 2017 and we can't wait to show them to you!

Learn More About Art Gallery Fabrics Club!

If you aren't already a member of our club you can make sure to get all these collections by signing up here:

Members of our Art Gallery Fabrics Bundle Club receive a new collection each month (20 prints!). You can join at any time!

July 2017 - Little Town by Amy Sinibaldi



August 2017 - Reverie Fusion AND Bachelorette Fusion





September 2017 - Wild Bloom by Bari J 



October 2017 - Indie Folk by Pat Bravo



November 2017 - City Loft Fusion AND Floralia Fusion





December 2017 - Dollhouse by Amy Sinibaldi



I really love the Fusion collections and I'm glad that the folks at Art Gallery have decided to create more. In these 10 print collections, AGF has taken the most popular prints from past collections and recolored them in a coordinating palette. This gives a curated look to the bundle with prints from multiple designers.

Amy Sinibaldi has two collections in this half of the year! Her lines are part of the new Angles division at Art Gallery. The Angles lines are only 16 prints (so we will be adding in some coordinating basic prints to round out the collections. These collections contain more geometric prints and modern colors but still look great with the painterly florals we are used to from Art Gallery Fabrics.

And, of course, it wouldn't be the same with out big florals and boho styles from Pat Bravo and Bari J. This is going to be a great 6 months of fabrics!

 Learn More About Art Gallery Fabrics Club!

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Indie Boheme by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Apr 27, 2017 12:48:43 PM

Indie Boheme by Pat Bravo at Pink Castle Fabrics

The Indie Boheme collection is all new in the shop this week!  We have been getting a lot of new collections from Art Gallery Fabrics this month!  They are all beautiful but there's something really special about Pat Bravo's (Art Gallery Fabric founder and lead designer) new Indie Boheme. The colors are bright and vibrant and the collection has a great mix of both florals and geometric designs.  

Pat Bravo Indie Boheme at Pink Castle Fabrics

If you are already a subscriber to our Art Gallery Fabric Club you will be getting a 20 piece (the full collection!) bundle of this fabric in June!  If you aren't already a subscriber you can get Indie Boheme fabric and other great collections each month!  You choose what size cut of fabric you want!

As with all Pat Bravo fabric, this collection has some bold and beautiful large scale prints.  This Bohemian Patchwork print is the key in this collection!  Art Gallery has a softer feel than most quilting weight cotton and lovely drape.  It works well in garments as well as in quilting.  I think this print would make the most lovely dress!  Or maybe even a whole cloth quilt?

Bohemian Patchwork - Indie Boheme.jpg

Buy Indie Boheme here!

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New Art Gallery Fabric Club line up!

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on Feb 1, 2017 11:08:00 AM
Art Gallery Club NEW Line Up!
PCF Art Gallery Fabric Club
New collections for the  Art Gallery Fabric Club!  If you are fan of the soft and lovely fabrics from Art Gallery, then this is the club for you.  Each month you get 20 prints featuring one of the beautiful collections from  Art Gallery!  You can choose what size you want your fabrics!

Fat Eighths (9" x 22") = $25 + shipping
Fat Quarters (18" x 22")  = $50 + shipping
Half Yards (18" x 44") = $98.00 + shipping

This season  Art Gallery has introduced some new and exciting collection concepts.  In February we are shipping two of the new Capsules collections.  These are 10 print collections based on a theme.  Next month for March we are shipping two of Art Gallery's new Fusion collections.  These feature 10 prints from past collections.  BUT they are all recolored to match one lovely color palette!  (I REALLY love this idea!)

In April we welcome a new line from Amy Sinibaldi!  Her Charleston collection and matching Les Petits basics are part of Art Gallery's new Angles division.  This will showcase more geometric and modern fabrics than the painterly florals that are staples in the AGF lineup.  These collections will have less than 20 prints so they will have a few matching basics added in for the club.

Here is the club line up preview for the next few months:

February 2017
PCF Art Gallery Fabric Club
PCF Art Gallery Fabric Club
March 2017
PCF Art Gallery Fabric Club
PCF Art Gallery Fabric Club
April 2017 (Charleston full collection + 4 basics from Les Petits)
PCF Art Gallery Fabric Club
PCF Art Gallery Fabric Club
May 2017
PCF Art Gallery Fabric Club
June 2017
PCF Art Gallery Fabric Club
Art Gallery Club info and sign up!

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Art Gallery Fabrics Club! Lineup for Summer and Fall 2016

Posted by Brenda Ratliff on May 26, 2016 1:30:00 PM
Art Gallery Fabrics Club at Pink Castle Fabrics!
We love the fabrics that Pat Bravo and the AGF team put out and we know you do too! The hand and drape of the fabric is second to none and makes great garments and quilts!  With the Pink Castle Fabrics monthly club, you can choose Fat Quarter (18" x 22") or Half Yard (18" x 44") cuts of 20 prints, a complete collection from Art Gallery Fabrics!
This month we are adding in some of the great Art Gallery Elements to coordinate with all the monthly collections. These are perfect to reorder and are a part of my stash personally as well as a staple in the shop. We are excited about the collections that are coming this Summer and Fall as well! Here is the line up for months to come!
Happy Sewing!
JUNE – Tapestry by Sharon Holland
 Tapestry Fabrics by Sharon Holland
JULY – Joie de Vivre by Bari J
 Joie de Vivre fabrics by Bari J for Art Gallery Fabrics. Sold at Pink Castle Fabrics.
AUGUST – Playground by Amy Sinibaldi
Art Gallery Fabrics Club at Pink Castle Fabrics!
SEPTEMBER – Nightfall by Maureen Cracknell
Art Gallery Fabrics Club at Pink Castle Fabrics!
OCTOBER – Heartland by Pat Bravo
Art Gallery Fabrics Club at Pink Castle Fabrics!
See All Art Gallery Fabrics

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