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September is right around the corner, which means it’s back to school season. Time to “enroll” in our (free) online Sewing Machine School! Starting on September 1st, we’re launching a blog post/e-newsletter series all about sewing machines– tips, tricks, tools and techniques for getting the most out of your machine and enriching the sewing experience. Want to know how to make the perfect buttonholes? Bind a quilt in a snap? and what does that little bag of tools inside your machine have in it, anyway? 

Sewing machines can be intimidating and most of us aren’t even aware of everything our machines are capable of much less how to use those features properly. This series is perfect if you’ve ever avoided a project because you didn’t know how to do one feature (like installing an invisible zipper or shirring) and weren’t sure where to look for help. If you’re looking to upgrade, replace, or buy a sewing machine for the first time, these articles will also be great for helping you decide the right one for you. Do I need a heavy duty machine? Can you do more than one thing with a serger? We’ll show you tips and tell you about why the machine we’re using is good for that technique. 

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