Reversible Skirt Hack: Make it with Jersey Knit Fabric!

Girl's Fully Reversible Skirt Free Pattern Girl's Fully Reversible Skirt Free Pattern

If there’s anything kids love more than outfit options, it’s comfy outfit options! Soft and stretchy cotton jersey turns our sweet Girl’s Fully Reversible Skirt into “secret pajamas” that still look cute and ready for school. Here’s how we made a few tweaks to this easy (and free!) pattern to make it from jersey knit fabrics.

Girl's Fully Reversible Skirt Free Pattern

We made this sample from the new Cotton+Steel knitsDress Shop Moons in Orchid and Dress Shop It’s a Plus in Cream. If you don’t want to use two different prints, you could easily use the same one for both layers or use a solid color on one side.

Before you start, you’ll need to download the free pattern here.

There’s no real changes to anything in the construction of the skirt, but there are some tips and important things to keep in mind. Let’s get started!

Cutting the fabric. Jersey knits are often wider width than standard quilting cotton, so be sure to cut your fabric according to the dimensions in the size chart (rather than the cutting diagram) for your desired size and pay attention to the direction of the stretch. I made the smallest size in the pattern, but kept the width of fabric to give the skirt extra fullness. Be careful of the direction of stretch–you want the most stretch to be across the width of the skirt. Use a rotary cutter and ruler for the cleanest cut of knits with the least amount of distortion. No real changes to the pattern here! Girl's Fully Reversible Skirt Free Pattern
Girl's Fully Reversible Skirt Free Pattern

Sewing Machine vs. Serger. If you have a serger, great– you can definitely use it for this skirt! That said, some parts of the pattern will still require a regular sewing machine, and you can easily sew the entire thing on a regular machine. Use a ballpoint needle and polyester (not cotton) thread, since it won’t break with repeated stretching and wear. Set your stitch length to be slightly longer than usual (setting 4 or 4.5 is good) and loosen your tension slightly. If you have a walking foot, that’s also very helpful for keeping the layers evenly feeding through the machine. If you’ve never sewed with knits before, this is an excellent first project.

In the pattern, use a serger for step 2 (be careful about starting/stopping since you don’t sew all the way to the edge,) and step 5.

Ironing Knits. When ironing knits, use a dry, medium-temperature iron. You don’t want to kill the stretch or risk melting any acrylic fibers that may be blended in the fabric.If there’s rayon or silk or another speciality fiber blended in the fabric, check the manufacturer’s instructions before ironing. 

Girl's Fully Reversible Skirt Free Pattern
Girl's Fully Reversible Skirt Free Pattern

General Sewing Tips

  • You can use a twin needle for the hem top stitching if you have one, or skip the top stitching altogether.
  • If your two fabric colors are very different, use a thread color that matches the color of the fabric you’re sewing on top and match the bobbin thread color to the fabric being sewn on the bottom layer. 
  • Use the guide bar of your walking foot (if you’re using one) or a strip of washi tape on the plate of your sewing machine to help you sew the elastic casing evenly in step 7 of the pattern.

Warning: your child may only want to wear jersey knit reversible skirts from here on out! Here’s the Pinterest image for this tutorial:


Download the FREE Reversible Skirt Pattern PDF!