New Blog Series: How Do You Stash Your Stash?

Having an organized fabric stash and working system is important for a lot of quilters, myself included! When fabric collections go out of print as quickly as they often do anymore, many of us end up buying whatever we can get (panic shopping, as I so fondly call it) and hoarding it until the perfect project comes along. But with all those gorgeous prints piling up, what’s the most sensible way to store it?

Everyone has their own method to this madness. I thought it would be great to get a sneak peek into a few different people’s systems and see different possibilities as I organize all my pieces into a new work space (and clearly share all of my findings with you guys)!
I live in a full house. As a twenty-something with two roommates (plus three cats and a snake), in a small apartment in the city, finding room for all my sewing things is typically a challenge. This week, I moved into a new apartment and was overjoyed upon realizing that I would finally be able to make my own work space. It may be small but it will be efficient as all heck, because I’m determined to make it so. But part of that efficiency is being organized and having a working system in place and that’s going to be quite a task.
I have my machine set up right next to a small space for cutting and pressing. Next to that is the bookshelf that holds my small (but very quickly growing) fabric stash.
I prefer to organize by cut size as well as color. I keep small cuts (fat quarter or smaller) organized in one area so that I know where to grab if I just need a bit of a color. Next, I have half yard and yard cuts all mixed in together and again, organized by color. At the bottom, I have “large cuts”— anything larger than one yard. I prefer to keep these together so I know exactly where to start looking when I start thinking about backings or anything else that has a large yardage requirement.