Liberty Lawn Club

Our monthly Liberty of London fabric club is a great way to start collecting (or add to your collection) the soft and silky tana lawns! Small cuts of Liberty fabric are perfect for quilts and small sewing projects!

10 Liberty Prints each month!
10 unique and lovely Liberty of London tana lawns will arrive at your doorstep each month! There will be no repeats from month to month so you will have a diverse collection of Liberty florals and geometric prints in a variety of colors!

Choose what size you want to stash!
You can choose from 3 different sizes of Liberty Lawns to stash! Liberty fabrics are 56″ wide so your cuts will be bigger than with traditional quilting cottons.

What is Tana Lawn?
Lawn fabric is 100% cotton. Tana Lawn (named for Lake Tana in Africa where the original cotton grew) is 100% long staple cotton. The long and super fine threads that are used to make this lawn give the fabric a satin-like hand and an amazing drape. Liberty of London is a department store in the West End of London. For over 100 years they have been offering high quality fabrics in their product line, including the lovely Tana Lawn.

Cancel at any time!
All of our clubs are “no commitment”. You can cancel or start up at any time! Just log in to your account to change your credit card, address or club size. Email us at with any questions or call 877-808-8695.

For a limited time take 20% off your first 3 months with coupon code LIBERTY20
Fat Sixteenth – $18.75Fat Eighth – $37.50Fat Quarter – $75.00

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my first club ship?
You first order bills as soon as you sign up. If you sign up before the 17th of a given month, you will receive that month’s bundle as your first bundle. If you sign up after the 17th, you will receive next month’s bundle as your first bundle.
When will my Liberty Lawn Club be billed?
The billing date for this club is the 17th of each month.
How do I cancel my Liberty Lawn Club?
Click Here to log into your account information.
When will my Liberty Lawn Club ship each month?
Liberty Lawn Club will ship the 22nd of each month.
How do I change my Credit Card Information?
Click Here to log into your account information.
Can I combine monthly clubs to save on shipping?
If you’d like to save on shipping by having all of your orders ship together, you can do so by signing up for a Monthly Club Box subscription! Check out our Monthly Club Box page to see how it works!

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