Janome Anna Maria Horner M100 Review!

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Janome Sewing Machine to Grow With!

Janome Anna Maria Horner M100

Over the past year I’ve sold a lot of Janome sewing machines.  I’ve talked with a lot of customers about what they need and want in a machine and I found myself recommending this Janome M100 machine (and the machines just like it) most often.

Before I get into the Janome M100 review, let me tell you a little bit about how the different models work within a sewing machine brand. Janome and other companies have MANY different machines in their line up.  This is for two main reasons:

  1. To make sure dealers close to each other can choose to offer different models.  I can have a full line up of products that is different from the shop the town over and still cover all my customers needs.
  2. To offer a product for every type of sewist.

The machine I NEED to sew on might be much different than the machines you need.  For example, I sew A LOT.  I mean, I own a whole business about fabric and sewing so that makes sense.  So I actually have 5 machines if you count my serger and cover stitch machine.  Janome has a new M series of machines that this M100 fits into.  This series is a good all around machine.  Smaller in size but still made with an all metal interior.  AND these machines have lots of stitch options and extra accessories.  Aside from throat space and the really fancy extras on the bigger machines, these are a great value.  I find myself recommending them over and over.

Who is the M100 for?

I think the main reason that this machine (and others just like it) get my recommendation so often is that it works for more than one customer!

  1.   The sewist who is looking for a machine to make garments or piece for quilting.  This might be the only machine that this customer wants to buy.  They don’t need throat space (that space between the needle and the right side of the body) and they might not have a lot of room for a machine in their house so they need something compact without giving up features.
  2. The sewist looking for a Janome travel machine.  This sewer may already have a big fancy Janome machine with ALL the features.  But because those awesome machines are typically pretty big and heavy, they aren’t the best to take to sewing retreats/guild sew ins/friend’s houses to sew.

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Top 5 features of the Janome M100:

I won’t overwhelm you with every single thing this machine can do!  Here are my top 5 features!

  1. THREAD CUTTER!! This is the best thing about this machine.  If you don’t have a sewing machine with a thread cutter, go buy this machine right now.  It’s worth it.
  2. It’s pretty! This isn’t really a typical feature of a sewing machine.  However, Anna Maria Horner (a famous fabric designer) has designed the outside of this machine.  You can see the roses and her signature in the photo.  In a sea of bland sewing machines this one stands out!  If you don’t love the roses, the Janome 6100 is the SAME machine without the roses and the thread cutter.
  3. Fold up extension table. That’s right!  The removable extension table comes with the machine. It fits perfectly and the legs fold up easily when you need to store the table! This gives you a much bigget work area!
  4. Hard case. The hard case for this machine is SO great for traveling.  Your machine won’t get banged up in your car when you take it with you to sew.  AND it’s lightweight at just 14 pounds!
  5. Walking foot (even feed foot) and 1/4″ foot included! Perfect for quilters! You won’t have to pay extra for these accessories!

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Why Janome?

For those of you who don’t know, I have chosen to be a Janome only dealership.  One reason, quality.  I have owned several other brands of sewing machine over the last 15 years and none of them are close to the features and quality that you get with Janome machines for the price.

Janome is a brand that stands behind their warranty!  You get a 25 year limited warranty with every machine. Every machine that says “Janome” is made in a Janome owned and run factory.  Some brands buy machines from other factories and just slap their name on the side.

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I’m ready to buy!

I knew you would be 🙂  But seriously if you want more information about the features of this machine you can call our shop at 877-808-8695 and we will be happy to help you find the best machine for you.  Or you can click on this button below and read more about it!

Janome Anna Maria Horner M100


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