Janome 6700 – My New Favorite Sewing Machine!

Since 2003 the Janome 6500 (and then it’s big sister the 6600) have been big sellers in the  Janome sewing machine line up. Over 125,000 of these machines were sold in the US alone! Why such amazing sales?  And why the longevity in the face of models lasting only a year sometimes? Because these are all around great machines!

Janome 6500p - Pink Castle FabricsJanome 6600p - Sold at Pink Castle Fabrics

These two bad boys are heavy duty workhorse sewing machines that don’t skimp on the features. You still get loads of stitches, a great walking foot (with Janome Acufeed) and it can sew through leather! All the models in this family have an aluminum metal body and all metal interior. These machines will last you through decades of sewing! And, of course, they come with Janome’s 25 year warranty.

Enter the next generation of Memory Craft heavy duty Janome sewing machine! The Janome 6700! (cue angels singing)

I love the new Janome 6700!

It’s been a while since there has been an update to this series and owners of the Janome 6600 and 6500 have been loyal to their machines for a long time. I got a chance to try out this new model before it’s release and I think it’s my new favorite the in the Janome sewing machines line up!

I will put together a full review of the Janome 6700p soon but here’s just a taste to get you excited to stop into our shop and try it out.

My Top 3 Benefits:

1. Speed! Some of you know, I have a need for speed when it comes to sewing. I currently own (and use most of the time) the Janome 1600p which tops out at 1600 stitches/minute. The 6700 tops at 1200 but has a top loading bobbin and not the metal bobbin system that you have to put into the side of the machine.  In fact, the Janome 6700 is the fastest top loading bobbin machine on the market! It takes great engineering to create a machine that fast with the easy load bobbin system!

2. Acufeed+ Walking Foot! This is the same 9mm wide box feed walking foot system that Janome includes on it’s high end models. Instead of the traditional up and down movement of a typical walking foot, the Janome Acufeed system times the top feed dogs on the foot with the bottom feed dogs exactly for perfect feeding! This means a lot less bunching and puckering on the back of your straight line quilting! And you can easily sew with slippery and delicate fabrics.

3. Heavy Duty Sewing! Denim? Leather? Lots of layers of interfacing? No problem. Not only does the new Janome 6700 have a heavy duty aluminum exterior but it has an all metal interior as well. This is the best heavy duty sewing machine on the market. It has a powerful motor without looking too utilitaian and still has loads of decorative stitches and an alphabet,

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