Introducing Me+You Modern Batiks Club

We’re so excited to launch our latest club, Me+You Modern Batiks, featuring Hoffman Fabrics’ hand-printed Me+You batiks! Here’s all the details about what makes this club unique.

Batiks are traditionally a hand printed fabric, with designs produced by hand carved stamps and painted on waxes to make irregular motifs. These fabrics have a mottled, almost tie dye effect, making them interesting and dynamic prints for sewing into quilts.

What are Me+You batiks?

Produced by Hoffman Fabrics, Me+You modern batiks are hand printed by artisans in Bali. You can click here to read more (and watch a video!) about this process. Unlike traditional batiks, Me+You prints are typically in a modern color palette, with mostly solid backgrounds and small motifs. They’re soft and machine washable, and mix well with other modern fabric collections.

You can learn so much about Hoffman Fabrics and why Me+You batiks are so unique in our interview with the founder of Me+You, Aaron Hoffman (click here to read.)

How the club works

Me+You Modern Batiks Club is a limited time club, meaning it only runs for 12 months. Each month, members will get 10 prints (you choose the size–full yards, half yards, or fat quarters) in a curated, coordinated bundle.  By the end of 12 months, you’ll have 120 Me+You batiks in a coordinated rainbow!

Do I have to pay for the entire year up front?

Nope– you’ll be billed each month, breaking the cost of the club down into smaller pieces. If you’d like to pay for the year up front, you can, but it’s certainly not required!

This club will bill on the 20th of each month and the bundle should be on its way to you by the 25th of each month.

Click here to go to the club page for more information.

What if I decide the club isn’t for me?

All of our clubs are “no commitment”. You can cancel or change your cut size at any time! All you need to do to manage your club is log in to your account– from there, you can change your credit card/payment method, shipping address, or fabric cut size.

Want to dive in to the world of modern batiks? You can sign up for Me+You Modern Batiks Club until Friday, August 10!