Interview with Karen Lewis about Kona Solids


t’s no secret we love sewing with solids, but sometimes choosing colors to use and how to stash them for later can be a little overwhelming. To help us learn about using and stashing Kona Solids from Robert Kaufman, we talked to some of our favorite designers! 

Karen Lewis knows Kona– she’s the designer behind the ever-popular Blueberry Park collection, printed on Kona cotton! Read on to see what she had to say about her favorite colors, how she stays organized, and why Kona is her favorite solid. 

karen lewis.jpg

How do you Stash Solids? (How much do you buy when you don’t have a specific project? What’s the best size to stash, etc?)

I stash bolts! Mostly I buy solids to use for my screen printing and I like to have it to hand for when I do a run of a certain color.

What colors do you gravitate towards?

I enjoy greys, teals and mustards. I try and mix it up and try new colors, but I always seem to lean towards those…usually with some pale pinks, peaches and orchid thrown in.

How do you use solids in your projects? (backgrounds, main feature, binding, etc)

I mainly use solids as backgrounds in my projects.

What do you love about Kona Solids?

I love the amazing range of color available with Kona Solids. I love that I can always find the exact color I need. I love the handle of Kona too. I don’t prewash fabric…I know, I’m a rebel!…and I love the crispness that Kona gives to my stitching.

What’s one piece of advice you want to give about sewing with solids?

Don’t be afraid of solids. See them come to life when you piece them together and see the magic when you quilt over the top of them.

Thank you Karen for your tips and tricks! If you’re interested in collecting all 340 Kona Solids, click here

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