Interview with Elizabeth Hartman about Kona Solids


t’s no secret we love sewing with solids, but sometimes choosing colors to use and how to stash them for later can be a little overwhelming. To help us learn about using and stashing Kona Solids from Robert Kaufman, we talked to some of our favorite designers! 

Elizabeth Hartman’s colorful critters rely on different shades to create fun, well-defined characters. Read on to see what she had to say about her favorite colors, how she stays organized, and why Kona is her favorite solid. 

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How do you Stash Solids? (How much do you buy when you don’t have a specific project? What’s the best size to stash, etc?)

I rarely buy solids without a particular project in mind. When I do, I like to get at least 1 yard of each color.

What colors do you gravitate towards?

I prefer strong colors, usually bolder more saturated colors.

How do you use solids in your projects? (backgrounds, main feature, binding, etc)

I like to use Essex linen blend for backgrounds and Kona, with print fabrics, in my blocks. I find that including solid fabrics with prints is a great way to emphasize and highlight prints – more so than using all print all the time.

What do you love about Kona Solids?

The range of colors!

What’s one piece of advice you want to give about sewing with solids?

Seek to coordinate, not match. When selecting a solid color to go with a print, a color that is a little different (more saturated, a little darker, a slightly different hue, etc.) will tend to create a richer composition than something made with all the same tones.

Thank you Elizabeth for your tips and tricks! If you’re interested in collecting all 340 Kona Solids, click here

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