How to Create a Mosaic for Glamp Stitchaswap

Sewing swaps are always fun, and creating a mosaic (AKA, mood board or collage) of your personal style can really help your swap buddy to make something that’s perfect for you. For our Glamp Stitchalot 2017 pouch swap (affectionately named Glamp Stitchaswap,) we highly recommend making an inspirational mosaic to post on Instagram to help your swap partner make something you’ll love and use. Creating an inspiration mosaic is easy with a few steps and the right app– let’s get started!

1. Find images

The best part of creating an inspiration mosaic is finding pictures! Use the Pinterest app (it’s free– just sign up with your email) to find pictures that represent “you”– here’s a few guidelines of what’s most helpful for your partner:

–photos of a favorite color combo, like purple and teal or black and pink

–photos of prints you love, like stripes, dots or florals

–general “mood’ pictures you think convey your personal style

Layout Mosaic How To Pink Castle Fabrics Blog


2. Save images to phone

Here’s how to save images from Pinterest to your phone:

Tap on the image in Pinterest. Then tap the 3 dots at the top middle of the screen.

Layout Mosaic How To Pink Castle Fabrics Blog
Layout Mosaic How To Pink Castle Fabrics Blog Tap “Download image.” The photo is now saved to your phone’s camera roll. Remember before you leave the pin– see where it came from and make a note of it so you can credit the source later.
3. Make collage in “Layout” app

Layout is a free companion app for Instagram that lets you make collages. Download it to your phone if you haven’t already. Once the app is open, just tap all the photos you want to be in your mosaic. You can then swipe through the upper row of sample collages to choose the one you like best.

Layout Mosaic How To Pink Castle Fabrics Blog
Layout Mosaic How To Pink Castle Fabrics Blog Now you can adjust the sizes and “drag and drop” photos to change their position. Hit “save” when you’re done and the mosaic will appear in your phone’s camera roll, ready to be posted to Instagram!
4. Post to Instagram!

Now you’re ready to post– here’s what you need to write in your caption:

–credits for each photo, if you can find them, such as “rainbow bundle: Pink Castle Fabrics”. It’s good internet manners.

–the hashtags #glampstitchaswap and #glampstitchalot2017

Optional info to include:

–names of favorite designers (Tula Pink, Lizzy House, Cotton+Steel, etc)

–other fun information, like your favorite animal, your love of coffee, your non-sewing hobbies, etc!

mosaic sample Pink Castle Fabrics