Free Tutorial: Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes

Recently, Brenda was searching for some easy ways to be a little more environmentally friendly every day. These little reusable makeup remover wipes are the perfect solution to those convenient but wasteful makeup remover wipes. Make up a dozen or two of these squares, then use one every night with a bit of your favorite facial cleanser. Toss the used ones in a lingerie bag, then at the end of the week zip it up and throw in the wash with the rest of your towels!

All you need to make your own reusable makeup remover wipes is a bit of terry cloth or another absorbent fabric, some cute 100% cotton prints (scraps work great!) and a sewing machine with an over edge foot/stitch. If you have a serger, you can use it here, but it definitely isn’t necessary. Here’s the instructions!


It’s a good idea to pre-wash your fabrics (to test for colorfastness and shrinkage) for this project since the finished product will be washed frequently. This is a great project for scrap packs, charm squares, fat eighths, and other precuts.

For each makeup remover wipe, you’ll need one 3 inch square of terry cloth (we used baby terry so they would be extra soft for our faces) and one 3 inch square of quilting cotton in your chosen print. Realistically, the wipes can be any shape you’d like– circles work well too.


Place the squares wrong sides together and pin in the center. You can chain piece these square super easily, so cut out and pin a bunch of them!






If your sewing machine has an over edge foot, this is the perfect place to use it! For Janome machines, this is usually foot M. This foot and the corresponding stitches on the machine helps bind the raw edges with the thread, creating a neat edge without turning or hemming. If your machine doesn’t have an over edge stitch, you could make a large zigzag stitch over the edges or use a serger.



Carefully sew up each side of the square using your over edge foot or serger. We like the look of a contrasting color thread (neon would be so fun!) Make sure to back stitch or use a locking stitch to secure stitches when starting/stopping so the edges don’t unravel during washing.




Repeat to make as many reusable makeup wipes as you’d like. They look really cute sitting in a jar or basket on the bathroom counter! A bunch of these in a pretty container could also be a nice addition to a spa themed gift basket.