Explore Sweet Treats, Jeni Baker’s Designer Palette of Kona Solids!

Our second designer palette bundle arrived a little while ago, and we’re so excited to tell you about it! We’ve asked some of the most talented designers in the quilting and sewing world to make fat quarter bundles of Kona Solids for us in the color scheme of their choice, and our sophomore Designer Palette is from a longtime friend of the ‘Castle (and Glamp Stitchalot teaching veteran) Jeni Baker!

Jeni Baker is an independent pattern designer with a real knack for designing clever, easy-to-follow patterns for everyday items. Her Lined Drawstring Bag has been made thousands of times!

Jeni Baker’s bundle is called “Sweet Treats“, and the 12 Robert Kaufman Kona solids she chose reflect her love of pastel candy, bright bouquets of flowers, and vintage floral sheets! Sweet Treats contains Kona in Aqua, Kona in Ballerina, Kona in Cactus, Kona in Capri, Kona in Creamsicle, Kona in Gumdrop, Kona in Jade Green, Kona in Limelight, Kona in Nectarine, Kona in Peach, Kona in Peapod, and Kona in Petal.

This Designer Palette bundle is limited edition while supplies last, so be sure to pick up Sweet Treats soon! You can follow Jeni Baker on Instagram @jenib320 and check out her popular, super informative blog full of quilt patterns and tutorials, In Color Order. See what Jeni had to say about her Designer Palette and lovely photo of the bundle below!