English Paper Piecing Pattern: La Passacaglia

Welcome to the last day of EPP Week! today, we’re talking about  maybe one of the most impressive examples of English Paper Piecing– the La Passacaglia quilt. The pattern is from Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein, and has a corresponding pack of paper pieces. Here, I’ve rounded up some La Passacaglia quilts in progress from Instagram so you can see how amazing they look at each stage.

La Passacaglia made by Karen Pabst (Instagram: @kpabst) While the quilt may seem intimidating, it’s made up from simple shapes– triangles, pentagons, diamonds, etc. The La Passacaglia growns just like any other quilt, one piece at a time– granted, in this case, the individual pieces reach a count of almost 3,000. Yes, you definitely want the precut paper pieces.

The quilt is made up of individual medallions that have a “bite” taken out of them where they attach to each other, as seen in the image on the left. Each piece is a prime target for fussy cutting, and the shapes make the prints look even more interesting and dynamic.

A Halloween-inspired La Passacaglia Medallion from Karen Pabst Instagram @kpabst

With the medallions varying in size, the quilt has a rich, busy(in a good way!) feel, and lets you use scraps or small cuts of fabric. You could probably make a good dent in your stash with this pattern! That said, if you plan on fussy cutting a certain motif, remember you might need 9 or 10+ of the same one in order to complete the medallion, so having enough of those prints is essential.

La Passacaglia in progress by @michellesmakings on Instagram@michellesmakings on Instagram

@crafterbynight on Instagram Really, this quilt is a labor of love, a project to be worked on when you feel like you need a little handstitching. Sometimes the best projects are the ones that take a while to complete, that you have fun picking up from time to time. Even if it takes a few years, you’ll only love the finished product even more.

@crafterbynight Instagram

Cotton+Steel Wonderland medallion and La Passacaglia Quilt in progress, both by Ashley, Instagram @crafterbynight

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Well, that’s all for EPP Week- I hope you feel confident and excited to start English Paper Piecing!

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