Cross Stitch Supplies to Get Started

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Cross stitch is one of those hobbies that’s never really gone out of style, but it’s popularity is definitely on the rise– and for good reason! Cross stitch is easy to do in front of Netflix or riding in the car, and the tidy little “x’s” making pretty (or nerdy, or sarcastic) artwork has a quaint, nostalgic appeal. Here’s an introduction on some cross stitch supplies you need to get started.


Fabric for Cross Stitch

Aida Cloth

Aida cloth is what is probably most well recognized material for cross stitch. The “count” in Aida cloth refers to the number of stitches per inch, and this size determines how large or small each stitch will be. Aida is counted simply by each highly visible “square” in the weave, and 14 count means there are 14 stitches per inch. Aida cloth is often seen in plain white color, but we love aqua or heathered oatmeal colors too.

Aida Cloth


 For a slightly different appearance, evenweave linen can be used instead of Aida. We use Permin brand 100% linen, and it has a stable hand with the slightest sheen, and comes in beautiful colors. Linen’s count is determined by measuring 2 strands up and 2 strands over (you stitch over two strands.) The most common count for linen is 32, and the pattern will indicate what count you should use (or the kit will include it.) Not going to lie, linen is definitely more challenging to use than Aida cloth, but I personally think the look of linen makes the extra effort worthwhile.

Permin Linen


 cosmo floss


The thread used for embroidery is called floss. It’s appearance is similar to yarn, with mutliple plys per strand wrapped into a skien. The floss strands separate easily, so you can use the number of strands the pattern specifies, usually 2 or 3.

Our favorite is Cosmo Floss by Leicien, and it’s what we use in all our kits. Cosmo floss is made in Japan from long-staple cotton, which not only reduces lint and breakage but makes it soft and smooth. It comes in over 400 colors, and also includes verigated and glitter varieties.


Hoop or Q-Snap Frame

“Hooping” your cross stitch fabric creates tension, which ensures even stitches. You can use the traditional screw or spring hoop made of wood or plastic, or you can use a Q-Snap frame. Q-Snap frames have the benefit of holding your entire piece square and taut, reducing wrinkles and allowing for even tension across the whole piece.

Mushroom Family Sampler on Aida Cloth

Q-Snap Frame for cross stitch


Tulip Needles

Needles and Scissors

Needles for cross stitch should have a large enough eye to comfortably hold 2 or 3 strands of floss, and be the correct thickness for going through Aida or linen holes without piercing the weave threads of the fabric. We like Tulip Assorted Cross Stitch and Tapestry needles because each cork-stopped tube comes with multiple sizes and levels of sharpness. For scissors, small, sharp snips work well for cutting thread cleanly (so it’s easier to thread through the needle) and keeping them convieniently close by. Tula 5″ Curved EZ Snips are a great option for both sharpness and portability.


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