It’s Beginning to Look (somewhat) Like Christmas! Christmas fabric!

We’re getting closer and closer to the holiday season…Target has lights and ornaments on display next to the Halloween decorations. My friends’ kids are already telling me what they want for Christmas. In Michigan, the cold weather is beginning to creep up on us. And I still haven’t gotten around to quilting the Christmas quilt I made in July.
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Christmas Gift Sewing in August?

September is upon is and while it doesn’t much feel like winter yet, it’ll be here before we know it. Will it be as cold as last year? Will we again have record amounts of snowfall? What should you get your family and friends for Christmas?

Unfortunately, we can’t help with the weather forecast (though I’m certainly hoping for something a little milder than last year), but we might have some ideas about the last one.

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Making bags with Home Decor weight fabrics

Bags! This is a subject that’s been on my mind this weekend. My usual sewing machine is in the shop, and while I am lucky enough to have a fallback machine, I am not so lucky that it works as well as my monstrous modern electronic Pfaff.

After an instructive evening of ripping out stitches, I decided that it’s not a suitable machine for accurate piecing for quilts, and so my thoughts turned to bags.

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