Do I Need a Walking Foot for my Sewing Machine?


WalkingFoot For this week’s Sewing Machine School, let’s talk about the walking foot, also known as an even feed foot. Some Janome sewing machines (such as the Skyline series) also feature AccuFeed, which is a more advanced version of a walking foot. 

What is a walking foot? One of our recent blog posts by Jason Elliott, 10 Sewing Machine Parts Explained has a great description: “Feed Dogs move up and down, back and forth, in a vertical circular motion, while Presser Feet move just up and down.

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How and Where to Use Decorative Stitches


Welcome back to Sewing Machine School! For a lot of modern sewing machines, it’s common to have decorative stitch options, from scallops to stars to simple swirls. These stitches can add a lot of character to projects with minimal effort, but how do you use them?

The mechanics of using decorative stitches varies from machine to machine– always check your manual to see what the specifics are before you jump in and try one out.

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10 Sewing Machine Parts Explained

Welcome to day 1 of Sewing Machine School!

Let’s face it; sewing machines can be confusing. With all their specialized parts and pieces, knowing what to call “the little metal thingy” in the back can be really difficult. Fortunately, sewing machine parts don’t need to be as confusing as they seem.

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September is right around the corner, which means it’s back to school season. Time to “enroll” in our (free) online Sewing Machine School! Starting on September 1st, we’re launching a blog post/e-newsletter series all about sewing machines– tips, tricks, tools and techniques for getting the most out of your machine and enriching the sewing experience.

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Janome 6700 – My New Favorite Sewing Machine!

Since 2003 the Janome 6500 (and then it’s big sister the 6600) have been big sellers in the  Janome sewing machine line up. Over 125,000 of these machines were sold in the US alone! Why such amazing sales?  And why the longevity in the face of models lasting only a year sometimes?

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