What Do You Do With…Blender Prints?

Welcome to a new series here on the Pink Castle Fabrics blog, “What Do I Do With…” which aims to help quilters and sewists learn about fabrics, substrates, notions, techniques, and more! Today, we start with a simple one: what do you do with blender prints? When a material lists for patterns recommend some of your fabric be blender prints,what does this mean?

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Should I Join a Fabric Club?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to join a fabric club but wasn’t sure how it works. Or maybe you’ve never heard of a fabric club and want to check it out. Here’s a handy guide to help you decide if joining a club is right for you, and if it is–which one!

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New Blog Series: How Do You Stash Your Stash?

Having an organized fabric stash and working system is important for a lot of quilters, myself included! When fabric collections go out of print as quickly as they often do anymore, many of us end up buying whatever we can get (panic shopping, as I so fondly call it) and hoarding it until the perfect project comes along.
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Stash Stack – June Grays

SSC Gray

Stash Stack Club


It’s June!
As I look out my window, I see gray clouds overhead. I don’t mind, I like the gray. I’m guessing others do too, given its popularity in fashion and fabric. That’s why June is our month for all the lovely grays!
Here’s what we’ve got for you this month:  


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