Art Gallery Fabrics Club Bundles: July 2018 to January 2019

Art Gallery Fabrics Club is about to start another year, with brand new collections from AGF’s amazingly talented roster of designers! Read on to see which collections you can expect to receive each month as a member of the Art Gallery Fabrics Club.

July 2018- Sirena

Perfect for summer, Sirena by Jessica Swift features deep ocean hues, whimsical mermaids, and majestic tropical plants! We love the colorful Monstera leaves and painterly little whales.

August 2018- Stargazer and Craftbound capsules

The Capsules collections from Art Gallery Fabrics feature 10 prints each and give you a chance to mix or use separately two unique lines! Craftbound takes inspiration from needle arts around the globe, with motifs including stitching, stamping, painting, and more! Stargazer is an outer space inspired collection, with stars, moons, and little astronauts in a sweetly calm neutral palette.

September 2018- Autumn Vibes
If you live for crunchy leaves and cozy sweaters, Autumn Vibes is here for you! This collection by Maureen Cracknell has little forest critters, fall flowers, and subtle geometrics in a toasty autumnal palette.
October 2018- Virtuosa
Bari J found inspiration for Virtuosa in her background as singer and actress. This collection features florals both dramatic and subtle, bursting with color and elegant brushstrokes.
November 2018- Sonata
Sonata by Amy Sinibaldi is a serene, delicate collection made of lovely music notes, instruments, florals, and architecture in a soft watercolor palette. This collection features some beautiful low volume prints as well!
December 2018- Aura
It may be December, meaning cold, blustery weather in our part of the world, but Mister Domestic (AKA Mathew Boudreaux) wants to take us all on a Hawaiian getaway with Aura. Bold tropical plants, tiny turtles, and breezy fans round out this collection.
January 2019- Sun Kissed
Maureen Cracknell captures the warm glow of summertime in Sun Kissed, inspired by hot, lazy days full of flowers and light-filled evenings. Carefree smiling suns and simple prints inspired by weaving complete this collection.
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