A Day in the Life at Glamp Stitchalot

As we get closer to our Glamp Stitchalot 2018 quilting retreat, let’s take a look at what it’s like to actually be there! If you’ve never been to a Glamp Stitchalot quilting retreat before or are thinking about attending, we want to give you a first-person view of what to expect each day at Glamp. The activities are numbered in order of event without specific times, as these are determined a few days before Glamp. Friday and Saturday have the same order of events; you’ll just get two different teachers than the ones you had the previous day.



Check in for Glamp Stitchalot at the hotel begins either in the late afternoon or early evening. Once you check in and receive your name badge/welcome bag, you may set up your sewing machine in the classroom. Your name tag will indicate what part of the room you’ll be in, then you can select a spot to set up.¬†After setting up, there’s the welcome mixer party! Lots of good food, drinks, prize giveaways, and chances to meet and mingle with your fellow Glampers. You’ll also have a chance to check out the pop up shop.

Friday and Saturday (both days have the same schedule)


1. First, you’ll start with the Most Important Meal of the Day. Whether you stay on site at the Sheraton or commute from home, your (Friday/Saturday) breakfast is included with your Glamp ticket so come chow down with everyone! This gives you a chance to load up on bacon and eggs or just sip some coffee before the busy day ahead. When you’re done eating, head to the main classroom.

2. Your sewing machine should already be set up in your chosen seat from the night before. Take some time to unpack your fabric, get your notions out, and generally settle in. The classroom will have ironing and cutting stations set up for you to use– look around and get acquainted with the one most convenient for you.

3. First class of the day! Your teacher will start by introducing them self and their project. They will show you examples of their project, usually passing a finished one around the classroom so you can really see and feel the finished object. They will also have handouts with the instructions to help guide you along.

Since every teacher has their own style and methods of teaching, you can look forward to learning each project in a fresh way. Most teachers use a combination of lecture and demonstration with sewing time for each step. Don’t stress out if you don’t understand a step or get behind– your teacher is happy to help you! If you rented a sewing machine and it has trouble, raise your hand to flag down a Pink Castle Fabrics person to come assist you.

This first class will last about 3 hours.

Mid Day

4. Lunch time! A catered lunch that has past featured yummy dishes like pasta, tacos, enchiladas, salads, flatbread pizza, and more. All attendees are asked to notify us about dietary restrictions prior to the event so we can make sure to have something delicious for everyone. This lunch break also offers you enough time to visit the pop-up shop, go for a short walk, or sew (you’re welcome to sew anything you want at your station any time the room is open!)

5. It’s time for your second (and last) class of the day. You’ll get a different teacher and a new project, but same ordeal as the first class– lecture/demo, sewing time, about

3 hours long.At the end of the second class, there’s usually an hour or two of free time before dinner that you can use to keep sewing, take a nap in your hotel room, wander through the popup shop, or chat with your friends.


7. Dinner is served! There’s options for everyone no matter your diet. Shout out to the ladies we have observed skipping the main course and going straight to the cheesecake. Your dinner (and lunch) are included in the Glamp ticket, though some people choose to go out and explore Ann Arbor instead during mealtime.

8. The classroom (sewing room) can be open as late as midnight depending on the day, and you can sew and socialize to your heart’s content! You can’t go wrong with fabric, friends, a drink from the bar, and unlimited creativity.

To learn more about Glamp Stitchalot 2018, click here! If you have any questions about this year’s teachers, projects, or anything else, drop us an email at events@pinkcastlefabrics.com